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More About The "3 Step Retirement Plan"

Working with an advisor doesn't have to be intimidating, complicated or feel like a high pressure sales pitch. At Foundations Investment Advisors, we have a simple, 3 step process to match your goals with the right financial solutions. To schedule your 30 minute intro call to learn more, complete the online request form.


Step 1: Introduction Meeting

Step 2: Fact Finding & Goals

Step 3: Review Your Plan

Complete the survey form to let us know the best time to schedule your meeting. We will answer any questions you have and decide if it makes sense to move forward on your customized “3 Step Retirement Plan”.

In our follow up meeting, we will go through a detailed fact-finding process. This includes an inventory of your current accounts, reviewing income goals and learning more about your financial situation.

Our planning team will review your current strategy to analyze performance, risk and fees. We will present you with customized options to manage risk and protect retirement income based on your specific goals.


Alex has been in the financial services industry since 2006. As the founder of one the top educational retirement platforms, he has spent over 10 years providing workshops for local communities and training financial advisors nationwide. His primary goal is to create the most transparent financial planning experience possible, focused on providing solutions to manage risk and protect retirement income.

Alex is a founding partner and financial advisor with Foundations Investment Advisors, one of the fastest growing independent Registered Investment Advisers (RIA) in the United States. He was born and raised in New England and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his 3 children, Aubrey (6), Andrew (4) and Aidan (2).

In a time of increased economic uncertainty and market volatility, it is now more important than ever for current and future retirees to protect income by planning for new risk factors. Our team doesn't simply sell financial products, we provide customized planning solutions designed to manage retirement risks.

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