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Hear the VP of Military Relations and Business Development at Veterans United share how growing up in a large family without running water inspired her to give back in many ways as an adult.  As a military spouse, she has intimate knowledge of the special challenges servicemen and women face in a variety of different parts of life.  What’s the secret to being a better person and making our country better?  Pam will tell you on episode two of The American Hero Show.

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About Our Guest

Pam Swan is the VP of Military Relations and Business Development for Veterans United Home Loans. As the spouse of a retired United States Army Solider, Pam develops training for all Military Relations team members. In addition, she creates certification programs to ensure employees are properly trained on all products and services, as well as develops content for internal publications and serves as the media spokesperson for Veterans United.

In addition to working on internal programs, Pam is very active with the military community. She has utilized her financial background to construct programs that educate military families on their current and future financial stability. She regularly presents to military audiences around the world, with more than 100,000 Service members directly benefiting from her knowledge and expertise in the financial arena. Her personal desire is to enhance the quality of life for all men and women that serve.

Pam is a nationally recognized expert on military personal finance, having authored several articles pertaining to financial successes for military members and appearing on MSNBC to discuss identity theft issues. She is a certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, Certified Credit Report Reviewer (CCRR) and an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC). She is a recipient of the prestigious Dr. Mary Walker award, the highest honor given to military spouses for their support and service, and has been inducted as an honorary SGM at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.  Pam has also received the Citation for Exceptional Service in support of National Defense from AUSA Headquarters.

In her spare time Pam enjoys running or taking a motorcycle ride through the beautiful scenery of Mid-Missouri and spending time with her husband, John and two kids, Trece and Erin.

Learn more about Pam at VeteransUnited.com or follow her on Social Media