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Travis and Tim talk about how things are going in their lives and the latest with the Foundation in Maine as the fourth season of the AHS begins .  They also excitedly preview the incredible lineup of guests this season!
Travis Mills Foundation Executive Director Heather Hemphill joins the episode to provide an update on the latest great news on how they are expanding to help more recalibrated veterans, first responders and their families.

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About Our Guest

From the Travis Mills Foundation:

Executive Director Heather Hemphill came to the Travis Mills Foundation from the corporate, for-profit world of finance. She took the non-traditional route of a college education, originally majoring in mathematics and secondary education. As she began working in a small business, she realized that she enjoyed the hands-on part of accounting, she decided to shift her major to accounting and finance, eventually graduating with a BS in Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University.

During her time in college, Heather co-managed a small automotive shop, rolling up her sleeves in full understanding that she needed to do what was necessary to make it a success. And a success it was; by the time she left her position there, it had grown into a booming business with multiple employees.

Once graduated, she secured a job as a project accountant at TRC Companies Inc., an international consulting, engineering and construction management firm based in the U.S. Heather was quickly promoted to financial analyst and enjoyed working on the project management side of the company. From reading contracts to audits, to financial project management assistance, her rise in the ranks allowed her the diverse portfolio she has now.

She has also prepared private income taxes for the last five years under the guidance and expertise of Strout Associates.

With this broad range of skill sets, a position at the Travis Mills Foundation seemed like a good fit. She was aware of who SSG Travis Mills was, but she didn’t become closely familiar with the Foundation until she was invited to become part of the team.

“The more I learned about it, the more I loved it,” she said.

Her husband is a Marine Corps veteran who served from 2005 to 2010, completing two tours in Iraq and one in the Philippines.

Learn more about Heather and the Travis Mills Foundation at travismillsfoundation.org and on Social Media