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The President & CEO at Origin USA shares how he was inspired to launch a business in his basement, eventually build a factory and expand over many states – all simply because someone told him he didn’t have the freedom to do so.  Pete talks about how his company fills the void that exists between the different generations of Americans in a variety of ways.

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About Our Guest

Pete Roberts is a husband, father, BJJ 3rd degree Black Belt, serial entrepreneur, Fox News regular, and the visionary behind Origin USA, listed by Inc. Magazine as the 215th fastest-growing private company in America in 2021.

Growing up in New England, Pete watched the decimation of his local community as the factories and mills closed, the jobs and machinery were shipped overseas, and families lost their livelihoods. He was naive enough to think he could spearhead a renaissance.

In 2012, with friends and family, he cut down a forest in the woods of Maine, built a timber frame factory, bought an old L.L.Bean sewing machine, hooked up a generator, and started getting to work. People thought he was crazy, especially since most companies imported from China or Pakistan. Origin would be built by American workers using an all-American supply chain, without compromise.

As Origin grew, rusty piles of junk not used in 30 years were rescued and transformed into functional machines to produce new products. When the pandemic highlighted the need for American-made products and supply chain, Pete doubled his workforce to meet pent-up demand.

Harnessing the electrifying power of a bold vision with the redemptive power of American manufacturing, Origin is a brand that is changing the game and positively impacting its local community.

With sales topping eight figures and 250 employees across five locations and two states, Origin is a salt-of-the-earth family business, manufacturing all-American hand-made performance apparel, denim, boots, and fitness gear. Its nutrition line, Jocko Fuel, is revolutionizing the sports supplement industry with premium, research-backed ingredients.

Learn more about Pete at OriginMaine.com or follow him on Social Media