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Retired USMC Infantry Major Scott Huesing joins Travis and Tim to talk about his bestselling book “Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq’s Deadliest City” and how he helps raise awareness for veteran suicide and PTSD through the nonprofit organization “Save the Brave.”

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About Our Guest

Scott Huesing is a retired USMC Infantry Major with 24 years of service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer. His career spanned 10 deployments in over 60 countries worldwide. During his numerous deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa he planned, led, and conducted hundreds of combat missions under some of the most austere and challenging conditions. 

Scott is also a bestselling author of “Echo in Ramadi: The Firsthand Story of US Marines in Iraq’s Deadliest City” and a public speaker who has been a featured guest on over 300 local and nationally syndicated radio shows and podcasts. He has been a guest speaker at the Reagan Ranch Center, The Nixon Library, The Citadel, and The Marines’ Memorial Club. 

He has been an author for the U.S. Marine Corps doctrine shaping the future of training within the world’s most elite branch of service. He is the creative author for Marine Expeditionary Units, America’s first response force, with The Lightning Press.

As a Marine Infantry Officer in 2006 Scott was privileged to command Echo Company, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines as part of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) while attached to 1-9 Infantry Battalion (“Manchu”), 1st Brigade Combat Team (1 BCT “Ready First”), United States Army (USA) as part of the Surge Strategy in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.

Learn more about Major Huesing at scotthuesing.com and echoinramadi.com or follow him on Social Media