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Ever wondered how a smash hit TV show was first created?  Maybe you’ve wanted to know how much of a reality TV show is scripted…  Maine Cabin Masters star & Designer Ashley Morrill and her carpenter husband Ryan Eldridge talk about that and so much more in this episode. They also share stories about some of the work they did with Travis and how they live for the moment their newly renovated cabin’s owners first lay eyes on their home.

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About Our Guests

Maine Cabin Masters (from Magnolia Network)

Builder Chase Morrill teams up with his sister and brother-in-law to save and transform outdated cabins deep in the remote woods of Maine. From historic cottages to camp cabins, they give these properties the restoration they’ve needed for decades.  The Maine Cabin Masters are helped by family and friends to save and transform abandoned cabins buried deep in the remote woods of Maine into modern homes that still honor their history.

Maine Cabin Masters (from Kennebec Cabin Company):
“Preserving Memories Across Our Home State”

The Maine Cabin Masters’ unique brand of humor, resourcefulness and creative flair have created a devoted fan following of the show. The cast would be the first to tell you an equally deserving co-star is our great State of Maine. Viewers from around the world are falling in love with Maine’s natural beauty and authentic lifestyle.

There’s no shortage of work for Chase and the team, who specialize in renovating rustic cabins and camps all over our great State. Working alongside his sister, brother-in-law and best friends, the Cabin Masters work closely with homeowners to lovingly renovate and preserve beloved properties for future generations to enjoy.

Learn more about the Maine Cabin Masters at mainecabinmasters.com and kennebeccabincompany.com and follow them on Social Media