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“Don’t ever think you can’t do this…because you can.” – Enock Glidden

Given the incredible feats Enock has accomplished; he is an inspiration to athletes, adventurers and thrill-seekers across the globe.  In this discussion; he chronicles his journey all the way back to his junior high PE teacher and shares stories of others who have motivated him along the way.

The balance of conquering challenges alone and embracing the help of a caring community is something many deal with every day, but even more so when you’re ascending one of America’s toughest climbs…

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About Our Guest

Born with Spina Bifida, Enock Glidden is a disabled athlete, adventurer, motivational speaker, and an advocate for others with disabilities. Enock’s movie aptly named Enock documents his first ascent of El Capitan in the fall of 2016. The documentary highlights what can happen when a community comes together with a common goal. Despite not having the use of his legs, Enock has lived to overcome life’s challenges, breaking physical barriers and defying odds. Enock lives by his motto: “If you try, things happen”

He has had the opportunity to experience a lot of things that people with two working legs may not even try. Enock is an avid rock climber and skier, as well as active in many other sports including tennis, basketball, paragliding and skydiving. Through an internship related to his studies in computer science he was able to travel across the United States in 2016 and visit some of our most cherished outdoor spaces including many national parks.  The 5-day ascent of “Zodiac” on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, was filmed by Craig Muderlak for a movie called “Enock” which can be found here (and below).

Support Enock’s effort to honor his late friend Nick Hall by pursuing his goal of reaching the summit of Mt. Rainier on GoFundMe.

Learn more about Enock at EnockGlidden.com or follow him on Social Media